Steelmax 2" 13 Piece HSS Annular Cutter Set (SM-AC-SET-13-2)
Steelmax 2" 13 Piece HSS Annular Cutter Set (SM-AC-SET-13-2)

Steelmax 2" 13 Piece HSS Annular Cutter Set (SM-AC-SET-13-2)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
The Steelmax 13-piece HSS annular cutter set gives you an excellent variety of popularly used diameters for drilling holes in metal. Steelmax offers some of the best quality high speed steel (HSS) annular cutters for all of your hole-making needs. All Steelmax annular cutters have standard Weldon shanks of 3/4" for cutters up to 2-3/8" and 1-1/4" shank for cutter diameters above 2-3/8". As a result, Steelmax cutters will fit and improve the performance of any mag drill.

Annular Cutter Advantages Over Twist Drills
• Eliminates costly and time consuming step-drilling
• Significantly less drilling time (3-4 times faster)
• Longer tool life (5-10 times more holes per cutter)
• More accurate and higher quality holes
• Easily drill on curved surfaces like pipe and tubing
• Create overlapping holes

Steelmax HSS cutters utilize an M2AL (aluminum additive) formulation which increases cutter life due to better heat propagation characteristics and its less brittle than compared to those using a cobalt additive. HSS cutters are most cost effective for mild steel applications and holes up to 2-3/8" in diameter in material up to 2" thick. HSS cutters can also be re-sharpened to extend cutter life.

Steelmax high-performance cutting fluid should be used with all annular cutters for optimal cutting performance and to extend cutter life. The Steelmax brand cutting fluid is a water-based cutting fluid that is bio-degradeable and does not require time-consuming cleanup prior to welding or assembling parts.

Kit Includes (1/Each 2" Depth)
• 7/16" SM-AC-04375-2
• 1/2" SM-AC-05000-2
• 9/16" SM-AC-05625-2
• 5/8" SM-AC-06250-2
• 11/16"SM-AC-06875-2
• 3/4" SM-AC-07500-2
• 13/16" SM-AC-08125-2
• 7/8" SM-AC-08750-2
• 15/16" SM-AC-09375-2
• 1" SM-AC-10000-2
• 1-1/16"SM-AC-10625-2
• 2" Pilot Pin (7/16") SM-PP-03
• 2" Pilot Pin SM-PP-04
• Storage Case