Miller SuitCase X-Treme 8VS with Bernard BTB Gun (951583)
Miller SuitCase X-Treme 8VS with Bernard BTB Gun (951583)

Miller SuitCase X-Treme 8VS with Bernard BTB Gun (951583)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
The Suitcase 8VS is no longer available. The suggested replacement is the ArcReach 8 Feeder 951726.

The Miller SuitCase X-Treme 8VS with Bernard BTB Gun let's you take your welding to the extreme. Not like X-Games extreme; more like shipbuilding, heavy manufacturing, or construction extreme.

This model does NOT include Digital Meters as shown in picture. It simply has a Wire Speed dial.

• Smaller 8VS size for shipbuilding,maintenance or wherever a lighter, smaller, more portable feeder is required. Same great features as its big brother the X-TREME 12VS. Ergonomically sound, lightweight unit is well balanced for ease of carrying to remote welding sites. Fits through a 14 in (25 mm) manhole/manway • Polypropylene case with built-in slide rails and the ability to open the door to change wire with feeder in vertical position.
• Potted and trayed main printed circuit board for the harshest environments adds exceptional reliability. Board has full-trigger isolation so a shorted gun trigger will not affect feeder operation.
• Improved contactor for high-amperage, high duty cycle applications (8VS: 330 A at 60%).
• Wider voltage range for small and large wires with no contactor chatter or arc outages.
• Double-filtered gas valve helps keep dirt from clogging and affecting gas flow.
• Excellent starts and improved superior arc performance for all types and sizes of wires whether using CV or CC power supply.
• 28 lbs