Lincoln Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter (K2807-1)
Lincoln Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter (K2807-1)
Lincoln Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter (K2807-1)

Lincoln Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter (K2807-1)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

The Lincoln Tomahawk 625 Plasma Cutter is portable enough to carry to the job site and strong enough to get the job done once you get there. Hook up the compressed air, grab the torch and start cutting right away. Recommended cut of 1/2 inch. Maximum cut of 5/8 inch. Sever cut of 3/4 inch.

Continuous Output Control – Focus the arc for different material thickness.

Touch Start System – Reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency.

Rapid Arc Restrike – Fast cutting through gaps, even expanded metal.

Front Panel Purge Control – Makes it easy to set the air flow rate without initiating the plasma arc.

Cool Operation, Long Consumable Life - New electrode and nozzle design save you money in the long run.

Added Safety – Our Parts-in-Place system detects correct installation of consumables and torch.

Engine Drive Compatible – Select a Lincoln Electric Ranger or Vantage to power your Tomahawk in remote locations.

Lightweight and Portable – no need to call your friend, Lars, away from his Strong-Man Competition training. You can carry this puppy by yourself.

• Tomahawk 625 power source
• Lincoln Electric LC40 Torch with 20 ft. (6 m) cable
• Air regulator and pressure gauge
• Internal water separator
• Work clamp and cable
• Spare consumables
• Shoulder strap
• Input power cord

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