Crown Alloy 3/32 ROYAL 182 BR.PKG. Iron-Nickel-Chrome (E NiCrFe-3) ELECTRODE 1 lb TUBE (RE182/EN-BP)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Royal 182 is THE universal electrode for high heat and cryogenic (low temperature) applications. Royal 182 withstands thermal cycling even to sub-zero temperatures thus making it the perfect choice for flame hardening equipment, heat treat parts, and cryogenic vessels. Royal 182 is also highly corrosion resistant. The aforementioned characteristics make Royal 182 ideal for cladding and wearfacing as well as joining. Royal 182 is used to join carbon steels and stainless steels to high nickel-based metals. Royal 182 is also used to weld Inconel alloys 600,601 and 690 to themselves or each other. Inconel and Incoloy alloys are joined to carbon steels, stainless steels, nickel and Monel alloys with Royal 182. Also, Monel alloys can be joined to carbon steels with this electrode.

Please Note: Welding fumes and gases can be hazardous to your health. Click here for the manufacturers MSDS information. Both the manufacturer and Welding Supplies from IOC recommends that you read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheets and product warning statements prior to using this product.