Crown Alloy .045 x 8" ER 80SD-2 Steel MIG 11 lb SPOOL (MS80SD2/2G)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Crown ER80S-D2 is a premium low-alloy steel solid wire that contains ½ percent molybdenum (for increased strength) and high levels of manganese and silicon to provide good wetting and good rust and scale tolerance. The higher level of deoxidizers (Mn and Si) help to control porosity when welding with CO2. The Crown ER80S-D2 will yield radiographic quality welds with excellent bead appearance in both ordinary and difficult-to-weld carbon and low alloy steels. This alloy also exhibits excellent out-of-position welding characteristics with the short circuiting and pulsed arc MIG processes. The combination of weld soundness and strength makes the Crown ER80S-D2 suitable for single and multiple-pass welding of a variety of carbon and low-alloy, higher strength steels in both the as welded and postweld heat-treated conditions. Maximum mechanical properties are achieved when using a preheat and interpass temperature of 275OF minimum.