Arcair 3/8 X 17 Jointed Jetrod Copperclad Gouging Electrodes (24064003)

Arcair 3/8 X 17 Jointed Jetrod Copperclad Gouging Electrodes (24064003)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Air carbon-arc gouging (CAC-A) is the process of cutting/removing metal through intense heat generated from a carbon arc. Using a carbon electrode, compressed air and a welding power source (either a constant current, constant voltage, DC or AC), the arc created between the carbon electrode and the work piece melts the material, while the compressed air blows away the molten metal leaving a clean groove. The rate of metal removal is based on the efficiency of air stream in removing molten metal and the melting rate.

These rods provide continuous electrode feed and increased savings, especially in production operations. Suited for both hand held and or automated gouging systems.

• Contain a precise formulated blend of carbon and graphite
• Produces the most efficient metal removal performance in today’s market
• Superior metal removal rates, cool operation, and uniform diameters
• Excellent arc stability
• Cool operation
• Uniform diameter
• Clean machine-like grooves or cuts
• Eliminates stub loss and provides continuous electrode feed especially for semi-automatic & automatic torches
• Machined at each end to provide male & female fittings

• Creating u-grooves for weld joint
• Removing old welds
• Gouging out cracks
• Cleaning and repairing castings
• Removing hard surface material
• Rough machining

Quick Specs
• Current Type: D.C.
• Polarity: DCEP
• Size: Pointed, 3/8" X 17"
• Amperage: 450-600 Amps
• Pieces per Carton: 100