Expert Advice

The right way to perform paint touch-ups.

Performing Paint Touch-Ups

Common welding mistakes and fixing them

Most Common Automobile Welding Mistakes

Car with rust removed

Best Way To Repair Automobile Rust

Welder working on a car hood

Welding Resource Guides

Modified race car

Nascar Modified: Welding at Its Best

Plasma Cutting

Considering a Lincoln Plasma Cutter?

Classic car on a road

Which Process is Best for Classic Cars

Winter welding projects

Winter Offroad Welding Projects

Motorcycle Welding Project

Best Welding Contest Projects (Part 1)

Old Willy Jeep off-road vehicle

The Unusual History of Off-Road Vehicles

DIY Welded Bumper

BYOB: Building Your Own Bumper

Man in full protective gear holding a sparking welding torch


Automotive parts displayed with a sheen of oil

Plasma vs. Oxy Acetylene in Automobile Welding

Man in clear safety glasses holds a sparking welding torch while working on a truck

Common Problems You’ll Face and How to Deal With Them

Automotive parts displayed with a sheen of oil

Dumbest Safety Mistakes You’ll Probably Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Color photograph showing a man in a welding mask welding an automobile

Stopping Porosity

Sepia image of a racecar numbered 32 at the Indy 500

Welding at the Indy 500

Man in Welding gear using a welder on an automobile panel.

Helpful Car Panel Welding Tips

Close-up photograph showing welding sparks

How to Prevent Spattering

Color photograph showing a close-up of someone welding

What Makes Good Penetration?

Blue Custom Roll Cage in a Garage

Weld a Roll Cage like a Pro

Color photograph showing a welding spark

2 Common Chrome-Moly Myths

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