How to Miller in 2022

How to Miller in 2022

“What in the world has been going on with Miller?” That’s a common question now for anyone who’s a fan of the big blue. For years, Miller had graced us with Build with Blue, their quarterly rebate program that often featured some of their most popular machines. However, in mid 2020, Build with Blue went to the store for more cigarettes and never came back.

Some thought any sort of Miller deal was a thing of the past. But they were wrong… Here’s what’s going on with Miller at the start of 2022.

New Promos Are Here

To be absolutely clear, Miller still hasn’t started Build with Blue back up. But Weld My Ride has you covered. We’re running our own promos on Miller products. If you’ve been holding off on buying new equipment, now is the time. These promotions won’t last long and there’s no sign of Build with Blue coming back anytime in the near future.

Miller promotion

A Good Year for Miller Multiprocess Machines

2021 was quite an interesting year in the world of welding machines. While Miller’s Multimatic 220 has been out for a little while now, it became the most popular multiprocess machine of 2021. To be frank: That’s mind blowing! While it’s worth every penny, the Multimatic 220 is not your cheapest option. Despite that, it offers something so revolutionary, it was able to outsell any other multi-process machine last year. We expect to see the Multimatic 220 to keep going strong in 2022.

The biggest advantage of the Miller Multimatic 220 is that it’s one of a small handful of multiprocess machines that can TIG weld aluminum. For most of us, this is a huge plus. More and more vehicles are using aluminum. It’s lighter, doesn’t rust, and is fairly inexpensive.

The downside of aluminum is that it can be pretty difficult to weld well. Technically, you can MIG weld aluminum, but it’s about as tricky as rubbing your belly with one hand and patting Yao Ming on the head with the other. This is because MIG tends to use a higher amount of amps that you can’t adjust mid-weld like you could with TIG and a foot pedal.

This makes TIG welding aluminum the best option for most vehicle parts. However, the vast majority of multiprocess machines out there are only capable of DC TIG. That’s where the genius of the Multimatic 220 comes in. It’s one of only two multiprocess machines on the entire consumer market that can DC and AC TIG weld.

For more information about the Multimatic 220, check out its specs and details here.

Multimatic 220

The Multimatic 235

Miller also recently introduced the Multimatic 235. While it isn’t capable of AC TIG welding like the 220, it’s an incredibly versatile, solid multiprocess unit that packs quite a punch. Specifically, the 235 is capable of 235 amps. That’d be quite a bit of umph, even for a MIG only machine, but the 235 also does stick and pulsed DC TIG—all of that in a welder that only weighs 63 pounds.

Multimatic 235

While 63 pounds is impressive for a machine like this, that’s quite a bit of weight to be lugging around a garage or workshop. The Multimatic 235 has had a lot of its design focused on easily integrating with running gear. By simply loosening the latch retaining knob and rotating the latches, you can easily disengage the machine from running gear for easy portability (or vice versa to put it back on).

Miller Welder

Finally, the 235 has all the user-friendly, easy-start up features that Miller has become famous for. Its auto-set elite system makes finding the right settings a breeze. This avoids one of the biggest problems that welders of almost any skill level face, saving you all sorts of headaches.

If you're a Miller fan, 2022 is looking like a good year to buy. Just make sure you always check at Weld My Ride first. We’re the only major online welding store dedicated to automobile welders, offering the best price on all the top brands.

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